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Let us introduce here the structure of the team that stands behind this site. If you have any questions regarding to our website or would like to advertise on WorldLIVE, please use the contact mentioned below.

general director, head of WorldLIVE committee

The general director is the author of WorldLIVE idea, but he didn’t remain at the theory - he created graphics of the WorldLIVE project and also remarkable cooperate on its placing on the WWW and optimalization for search engines. At last, he is the number one WorldLIVE editor with more than 700 webcams added.

director of development

Next person without who you could not read these lines. His first meeting with the idea of this project inspired him for this unique project. His knowledge of web applications contributed to what WorldLIVE means today.


Thomas Sladek

stable contributor to WorldLIVE

Tom is the author of WorldLIVE's german version, which isn't available any more. He also belongs to the most active WorldLIVE editors.



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